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$6 Combos at Chili’s

Chili’s has new lunch combos starting at $6.  Available weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm.   Menu items for $6 include BLT, Turkey Toasted, and Grilled Ham and Swiss.  combos for $7 and $8 with items like Cobb Salad and Chicken Pasta are also available.  All sandwich items come with soup or salad and home fries.

More details from the Chili’s website at THIS LINK.

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8 Responses to “$6 Combos at Chili’s”

  1. michelle says:

    man…these are some of the funniest post..i cant stop laughing….I on my way to chills to order from the menu and I will repost my experience…..

  2. chasity says:

    Great 2 for 1 margaritas… Lunch as well

  3. Sabrina davis says:

    We just finished lunch and it was awesome!

  4. Betty says:

    Some people would prefer to eat light at lunch and don’t want huge portions (like Cheesecake Factory). I like having the option of a light lunch or regular portions at Chilis. If the description on the menu says 1/2 of a sandwich – you’ve got to realize that you’re not going to be overstuffed when you finish your meal.

  5. chris says:

    Ate off Chili’s lunch menu today, and my experience was identical to Anne’s below. When waiter brought out our food we thought it was a mistake and off of the child’s menu. Half a club sandwich and 13 fries on one plate, 1/2 philly cheese steak (a very small half at that) and 11 fries on one plate, and the smallest portion of chicken & vegetables fajitas you’ve ever seen (the tiny frying pan they came in looked like one my daughters had with their play kitchen when they were younger). The salads were also tiny, but I can tolerate a small salad if the food portions are decent. For just a few dollars more you get more than double the food off of the regular menu. Stay away from lunch menu unless you are on a diet or just don’t eat much. I’m 6′-1″, 182 lbs and the quantity of food was nowhere close to filling for me. On the other hand if you are trying to lose weight and don’t mind dropping $6 to $8 on lunch every day, the Chili’s lunch menu would make for a great weight-loss plan.

  6. David says:

    Just ordered off of the 6$ lunch menu for the first time today at Chili’s. I usually just go in for a couple of beers and relax at the bar but instead I decided to try something new. Ordered a grilled ham and swiss and not only was I able to sub the white bread for wheat but was also able to sub the fries for a bowl of cole slaw. Portion was more than enough not even mentioning the chili that came with it(instead of soup or salad). Thoroughly enjoyed it and was very satisfying. Didn’t leave me hungry in the least and that’s coming from a 6’4 225lb man.

  7. Dan says:

    Contrary to the previous post, I’ve been extremely satisfied with the lunch menu. Everything so far has been pretty tasty and put me personally at the perfect level of “full” to be able to keep working throughout the day and not just feeling tired and useless. There’s nothing misleading about that menu and the fact that you’re getting some fries, half a sandwich, and either a side soup or salad, so with that said I think Anne and her grandson would do better to order from the regular menu to begin with…and I’m 5’11″, 190 pounds so I’m by no means a small guy. Unless you are disappointed in how your over all meal tastes, or the waiter mislead you in thinking that you get a bucket of fries, a troth of soup, and a half sandwich the size of a regular sandwich (which wouldn’t actually be a half sandwich to begin with) your bad review should be of your own poor decision making skills.

  8. Anne Maynard says:

    I brought my daughter and grandson to Chili’s for lunch. We ordered from the lunch combo! 1/2 sandwich and 5 french fries. Small salad. I would have ordered from the main menu if I had known the portions were so small!!!! We walked out of there hungry!!! My grandson, 24 years old did a double take when the waitress brought out the food. It seemed we ordered off the childrens menu!!!1 Very disappointing!


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