EXPIRED Wendy’s 99-Cent Menu

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18 Responses to “EXPIRED Wendy’s 99-Cent Menu”

  1. Jj says:

    I like it

  2. deborah says:

    if you all will notice, that information was placed in 2011 and was a limited time offer

  3. Austin says:

    Went to Wendy’s, they don’t have this menu and don’t honor the advertisement. Very disappointing…

  4. Karen says:

    I have NOT come across any Wendy’s that has a .99 cent menu!!! This is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT at its best. I am a long haul truck driver and vusit Wendy’s everywhere to find JUST a “value menu” NOT .99 CENT!!!!

  5. Kell says:

    It’s fast food be grateful it’s open late !!!

  6. LM Fenton says:

    HELLOOOO……WENDY’S! Are you paying attention to what is being commented on your web site? Not good. Time to change your deceiving advertising tactics.

  7. Lori says:

    Yeah, Subway is the same way. We will see something on tv but it’s up to the owner whether they choose to particpate.

  8. Ron says:

    The Wendy’s in Millington is a BIG JOKE!!!!!!!!!
    They do not honor any of the .99 menu items except the hard, dried our nuggets.
    The are not sure of anything you ask about the menu prices (or won’t tell you) until you get there.
    I have been told on more than one occasion that they did have something at a certain price, and then didn’t.
    If you do make the mistake of going to this location. You will be met by some very untrained and RUDE workers.
    This place is a horror story that is in NO way a Wendy’s experience.
    Protect yourselves in advance , and consider taco bell,McDonalds,Burger King .anywhere but here.

  9. Dan Miller says:

    My wife and I are retired and have really enjoyed the Monterey ranch crispy chicken sandwich several times a week . You have taken it off the $.99 menu but not replaced it with a suitable substitute. Now we will have to find another cost effective place for lunch.

    • Marty says:

      I left them about two years ago when they started this nonsense of a value priced menu. And, the quality of the food went down, too. Dave Thomas must be turning over in his grave. I find a good value and good food at some local Mexican restaurants, and there is enough food to bring a box home for supper, too. Done with Wendys. Haven’t gone back in these past two years, and really don’t miss it.

  10. We agree with you, Colleen. We’ve raised this issue with Wendy’s before and have done so again. We posted this on the Wendy’s Facebook page:

    At EatDrinkDeals we hear lots of complaints from Wendy’s customers who walk into a Wendy’s and find out that the 99-cent value menu is not honored there. This is a problem. Can you not have the same prices at all franchises? If not, how is a customer to know whether their Wendy’s has the value menu or not? Maybe at least put something on your web page.

  11. JustMom says:

    The “Everyday Value Menu” consists of just 8 small items. The Doublestack Burger has even been replaced by the significantly smaller Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe. Yet time and again, I have left Wendy’s empty-handed in utter disgust because several of the items on that list were significantly more expensive than the advertised price of 99 cents.
    Their tagline states, “Real Choices, Real Value, Everyday”. The statement “Prices & participation may vary” is noted in MINISCULE print at the bottom of the menu. While this fulfills their obligation to admit that they reserve the right to worm their way out of offering these items at the advertised price, it still feels like cheating.
    Do they really expect customers to call around to every local Wendy’s until they find one that will honor advertised prices? That would first assume that all such phone calls will be answered during peak hours of operation. That is very hard to believe, because it would take up a great amount of their staff’s time and slow down counter service. Asking in person at the restaurant for the prices of each specific item would lengthen the amount of time spent waiting in line for one’s turn to “check market prices” as it were. Neither option is very appealing. Better to do business elsewhere.
    My family used to LOVE Wendy’s for its unique menu. Now we don’t even bother to include them in our fast food options. I believe Dave would be disappointed by how far they have strayed from the family-friendly values he cherished.

  12. floyd says:

    reading this while looking for the big deal I saw advertised stopped me from heading to Wendy’s tonight

    TY for saving my gas

    I will go to taco bell for a $.99 burr Supreme. they all always participate. I have had this issue at Wendy’s before

    Their franchises are like Jiffy Lubes and answer only to themselves often.
    Beware of Jiffy Lube scams with lower grade oil and filters.

  13. Ladyluck says:

    “Wendy’s False Advertisement Deals”

    I think it’s sad how the Wendy’s corporation has demonstrated the way they do business in going by doing false advertisements deals for their Pre-own Businesses. Had no knowlede Wendy’s even had pre-own businesses, learned when contacted the home office on a concern I had regarding a advertisement deal.

  14. John says:

    Wendy’s false advertising November 2010 99 cent deals!

    I have been to 3 Wendy’s in Reisterstown, Owings Mills, New Town
    all in Maryland and non were honering the 99 cent deal on the double stacker, chicken sandwich or small frosty and 5 piece nuggets.

    Each Wendy’s told me that it’s for “participating Wendy’s only”…
    well which and where are the participating Wendy’s ????
    Wendy’s “way around ” this misleading (huge moneymaker)TV ad is that when a customer is ready to order and ask about the dollar deals NOT on the menu, the staff is suppose to say ” it only at the participating… blah,blah, but if you pressure them, you find out that only the few Wendy acctualy run-owned by Wendy’s corporation
    and not the thousands and thousands that are run as a franchise.

    It is outragous that Wendy’s can get away with such a clear illegal, misleading advertising trick to get people in the store, so they will than buy it anyway-because who would get back in his car after driving to Wendys- at a 30-40 cent per item more!

    Corporate thiefs at it’s best.

    • gmaadmin says:

      Thanks for this info. We see this ‘participating restaurants only’ quite a bit but typically we think this means that places in more expensive locales like New York City won’t participate. If the Wendys plades in Maryland use this as an out, then it seems less than honest. We’ll follow up with Wendys corporate.

    • Colleen says:

      Actually, *I* am one who will leave the store without anything in my hands. When the 99 cent monterey chicken sandwich that is SUPPOSED to be 99 cents turns into $1.69, it’s time to leave. It’s the principal of the thing.
      Yes, the “participating Wendy’s” are in fact corporate stores, and very very few franchises, if any.
      The last time I checked, if soemthing is on sale at CVS in one city, I can guarantee it’s on sale at the CVS in the next city. Why can’t fast food restaurants follow this same rule??


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