America’s Best Italian Chains

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  1. Tom @ Cindy May 15, 2016 at 18:42 #

    We have eaten in most of them and we believe Maggiano’d to be superior in food quality. Excellent in Columbia, MD

  2. Fal February 27, 2015 at 12:12 #

    I have only eaten at Buca di Beppo once. A friend who was celebrating a birthday and i decided to try the place since neither of us had ever been. I assume we are not talking decor here as that would take up pages. It was about 2pm and there were only 2 other tables with diners. I had the eggplant parmagiana and my friend the meatballs. The food tasted like vomit to me. I thought it was perhaps my imagination and after a few bites, my friend asked if i would be offended if he did not finish what was his ‘birthday lunch’ since it tasted disgusting. A few weeks later i was having lunch in a Sweet Tomatoes about 15 miles from there and chatted with a group of ladies at the next table about restaurants. I had not mentioned Buca but they brought it up…specifically the one i had eaten at. They told me not to go that a large group of them had gone weeks prior and were totally disgusted with the food. So, it was certainly more than just my friend and i who were so turned off to the place. I assume since it is a chain, they all use the same recipes. There must be many people unhappy or who have very intense head colds.

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