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January 11, 2017        

starbucks-store-holiday-promoStarbucks, Teavana and Peet’s Coffee have online year-end sales with up to 75% off now through January 23, 2017.

At the Starbucks Store get $10 off a $60 order, $20 off a $100 order, and free shipping with an order totaling $50 or more.  CLICK HERE for more details or to start your order.

At Teavana get up to 75% off in the Epic Sale plus get free shipping with a $30 order.  Good online only.   CLICK HERE for more details or to start your order.

At Peet’s Coffee get up to 50% off in the year-end sale.   CLICK HERE for more details or to start your order.

About Starbucks (from Wikipedia)

StarbucksStarbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) is an international coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 17,009 stores in 55 countries, including over 11,000 in the United States, over 1,000 in Canada, over 700 in the United Kingdom, and over 150 in Turkey.Starbucks sells drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, hot and cold sandwiches and panini, pastries, snacks, and items such as mugs and tumblers.

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About Teavana (from Wikipedia)

teavana_exteriorTeavana is a specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. On December 31, 2012, Starbucks acquired Teavana for about $620 million.

Teavana was started in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997, with the opening of the first teahouse at Lenox Square. The husband and wife team that created Teavana invested their life savings into the teahouse concept after traveling abroad, noticing the gravitation of Americans towards fine wines and coffees in the United States.

Teavana offers teas and herbal infusions, with categories such as: white, green, flavored & scented green, “blooming” white, black, flavored & scented black, oolong, and pu-erh teas along with rooibos, herbal, and Yerba Maté infusions. Teavana retail stores generally offer various blends of each type of tea, and consistently promote cross blending different types of tea.

In addition to tea, Teavana sells tea products, including cast iron Tetsubin teapots, Bone China teapots, Yixing Clay teapots, Japanese porcelain teapots and cups, stove-top kettles, electric kettles, milk frothers and automatic tea makers (produced by Australian company Breville), Japanese hot water dispensers and electric tea makers (produced by Zojirushi), tea measures, tea infusion and steeping wares, honey, world music, and Asian books. Teavana also markets rock sugar sourced from Germany.

Teavana retail stores are usually located in upscale shopping malls and designed to be “part tea bar, part tea emporium.” Individual cups of tea to go are offered for sale, and the retail locations offer free samples of various tea blends and tea varieties at their front door and within the store. Teavana currently has more than 400 stores.

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