Mimi’s Email Coupon

May 1, 2017        

Get a Mimi’s Cafe coupon for a treat and more offers when you enroll in their email club.

To enroll and get your Mimi’s Cafe coupon CLICK HERE.  You’ll receive a Mimi’s coupon for a free slice of Crepe Cake or 2-pack of Muffins or Croissants, plus get another coupon on your birthday.  Also get emailed coupons throughout the year.

About Mimi’s Cafe (from Wikipedia)

Mimi’s Cafe is a US restaurant chain with 145 locations in 24 states. It serves French and American food, with French decor and themes.

Mimi’s Cafe is a wholly owned subsidiary of LeDuff America and was founded by American airman Arthur Simms, who was stationed in France during World War II. He named the restaurant after a French woman he met in a party after the liberation of the country.

Mimi’s Home Page

Mimi’s Facebook Page

Mimi’s Cafe Locations

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