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Here are the latest restaurant deals near you at all of your favorites like Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, and more.

Where Do I Find The Latest Restaurant Deals?

Well, you could:

Check all the restaurants’ websites

Follow all your favorite restaurants on social media and check it constantly

Call restaurants to check

Find specials in your local paper

Or, check EatDrinkDeals for the best specials, all in one place!

Here at EatDrinkDeals, we update our website multiple times daily to ensure you’ve got access to the latest restaurant specials near you.  Our stories include links to restaurant websites where you can confirm the deal and find further information. We won’t post deals that cannot be verified from a source such as a restaurant’s website, social media account, or press release.

Do These Restaurant Specials Expire?

Restaurants are all about limited-time promotions. Nothing lasts forever. They’re constantly mixing things up to keep their menu fresh and entice people to come back. We keep our pages fresh, too. Rest assured that everything at EatDrinkDeals is up-to-date.

What Are The Best Restaurant Specials Today?

Check our Daily Deals pages for the best specials for every day of the week:








Also, visit us here for the latest news!

Can I Get Restaurant Specials Every Day?

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