Meet Our Team

Matt Arnold

Matt is the Editor of EatDrinkDeals. Formerly a CPA, he has long taken an interest in saving money and sharing that information to help others. With a family of 5, you better believe he spends a lot of time looking for the best prices at restaurants and just about everything else!

Gil Arnold

Gil Arnold is the former publisher of EatDrinkDeals. He is currently the editor and publisher of Senior Daily and is a contributing writer at EatDrinkDeals. You can reach him at:

EatDrinkDeals Staff

EatDrinkDeals staff members are professionals who search for the best restaurant deals of the day, every day. Every restaurant deal is checked and verified before it is published. We want to help you make your money go as far as it can! For more info and to get in touch, send an email to

Jai Shah

Jai is a student and deal seeker who has been writing for various websites for approximately 2 years.

Sarah Pizzolato

Sarah Pizzolato is a web developer, freelance writer, and Japanese-English translator with more than eight years of experience designing and building websites. When she’s not traveling, gaming, or playing with her dog, she scours the web to bring you up-to-date restaurant menus and the best dining deals.

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