11 Valentine’s Dinners for 2 Under $50

Valentines day dinner specialsAlthough you can spend much more, it’s easy to find a delicious Valentine’s Dinner for Two for less than $50 this year.   EatDrinkDeals has come up with these 11 dinners for two that are $50 or less.  Looking for more options?  Click here for our complete 2021 Valentine’s Day Restaurant Deals Guide – we’ve got over 70 deals and counting!

1. Bertucci’s $40 Valentine’s Dinner

If you have a Bertucci’s near you – the Italian restaurant chain has 53 locations in 9 states – you can get a $40 Valentine’s dinner for two featuring pizzas, pastas, Chicken Parmesan and more.

Get two starters, two entrees, and a dessert to share for $40 for two in the Bertucci’s Valentine’s special.  Add on a large cheese pizza for just $10. Entree choices on the Bertucci’s Valentine’s dinner menu are

  • Small 2-Topping Craft Your Own Brick Oven Pizza
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Chicken Piccata
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Shrimp Rossini
  • Rigatoni, Broccoli & Chicken
  • Rigatoni Abruzzi

For the full menu and to make a reservation visit the Bertucci’s Valentine’s Dinner page

2. Bonefish Grill Valentines Dinner

Bonefish Grill has several Valentine’s Dinner specials on February 4-15, 2021 starting at under $20 per person.  The Bonefish Valentine’s dinner specials – available for takeout or dine-in – include:

  • Risotto Del Mar $18*
  • Lobster Tail $22
  • Soy-Glazed Butterfish $26
  • Filet & Lobster Tail $36

For the complete menu, online orders or reservations, visit: Bonefish Valentines Menu. Bonefish also has Family Takeout specials.

*Prices vary by location; shown above are typical prices.

3. California Pizza Kitchen $35 Valentine’s Dinner

California Pizza Kitchen has a Valentine’s Sweet Deal for Two for $35.

This modern, California-style chain has 250 locations and focuses on pizza but also serves salads, pasta and traditional Italian dishes.

For the CPK dine-in menu, choose an appetizer to share, two entrees, plus a dessert to share, all for $35.  Entrees include pizza, pasta, and full-size salads; here are the entree choices:   


  • BBQ Chicken
  • Hawaiian
  • Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage
  • Five Cheese + Fresh Tomato


  • Garlic Cream Fettucine with Chicken
  • Chicken Tequila Fettucine
  • Bolognese Spaghetti

Salads (entree size)

  • Thai Crunch
  • BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad
  • Santa Fe Power Bowl.

For more details see the CPK Valentine’s Day Dine-In Menu

If you’re ordering to go, for $35 you pick an appetizer, a heart-shaped pizza, an entree, and a dessert to share.  For the takeout menu, click here for the CPK Sweet Deals Takeout page.

The Valentine’s Sweet Deal at California Pizza Kitchen is available from February 10-14, 2021.

4. Carrabba’s $50 Valentine’s Dinner

Carrabba’s Italian Grill has a four-course $50 Valentine’s Dinner for Two.

This moderately priced  Italian-American chain has 247 locations and serves up traditional Italian fare – pasta and pizza –  along with grilled and roasted meats and seafoods.

The Carrabba’s $50 for two deal comes with the following:

  • First Course (one to share) – Mozzarella Marinara or Tomato Caprese with Fresh Burrata
  • Second Course (one per person) – Caesar Salad, House Salad, Italian Salad, Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup or Soup of the Day
  • Third Course (one per person and served with one side) – Lasagne, Fettucine Carrabba, Chicken Bryan, Chicken Marsala and 7 oz. Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin.  You can upgrade for a few dollars more to a 10 oz. Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin, Salmon Saporito, a 9 oz. Tuscan-Grilled Filet or Tuscan-Grilled Lamb
  • Fourth Course (one to share) – Sogno Di Cioccolata featuring a rich fudge brownie with chocolate mousse, fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

The Valentine’s dinner special at Carrabba’s is available from February 9 – 15, 2021.  Good for dine-in or takeout.  For more details or to reserve, visit:  Valentine’s at Carrabba’s

5. Chili’s $25 Dinner for Two

Chili’s says that on Valentine’s Day at most locations they will be serving from their regular menu, which includes the 2 for $25 Dinner and $5 Margarita specials.

Chili’s Two for $25 Dinner features an appetizer to share, two full-sized entrees and a dessert to share, all for $25.  Entree choices include Baby Back Ribs (half order), Classic Sirloin Steak, Chicken Fajitas, Bacon Burger, Grilled Chicken Salad nd more. Finish your meal with Cheesecake or Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.

For more details visit the Chili’s Menu.

Also at Chili’s, enjoy the Grand Romance Margarita which is just $5 every day in February.

6. Macaroni Grill $45 Valentine’s Dinner

Macaroni Grill has a three-course Valentine’s dinner for two for $45.

Macaroni Grill has 80 locations and serves traditional cuisine from Italy and the Mediterranean area, made from ingredients supplied by family-owned businesses in Italy.

For Valentine’s, Macaroni Grill has a three-course prix fixe dinner priced at $45 per couple.  Dinner includes a choice of one antipasto like Calamari or Bruschetta, a choice of one entrée such as Steak and Potatoes or Chicken Parmesan, and a choice of one dessert such as Tiramisu or Decadent Chocolate Cake.  Upgrade your entree to Ribeye Steak for $8 more.

The Valentine’s dinner special at Macaroni Grill is available from February 5 – 14, 2021.  Good for dine-in or takeout.  For more details or to reserve, visit:  Valentine’s at Macaroni Grill

7. Ninety Nine Restaurants Valentine’s Menu

Ninety Nine Restaurants has a special Valentine’s Menu available February 12 – 14, with features like Lobster and Shrimp Topped Sirloin for $22.99, Twin Filet Mignons for $20.99, and more.  You can get the deals for dine-in or to go orders.

Click here for the Valentine’s Menu from the Ninety Nine Restaurants website.

There are more than 100 Ninety Nine restaurants, all located in the Northeast.

8. O’Charley’s $39 Valentine’s Dinner for Two

Get one appetizer to share and two entrees for $39 at O’Charley’s from February 12 – 14, 2021.

Choose from Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges or Loaded Potato Skins appetizers, and Cedar-Planked Salmon, Filet Mignon, Louisiana Sirloin or Steak, Ribs & Tenders entrees.

You can find the O’Charley’s Valentines menu on the O’Charley’s home page and on Facebook.

O’Charleys, which serves Southern and traditional American dishes, has about 200 locations.

9. Outback Valentine’s Menu for Two

Outback Steakhouse has a 4 course meal for two on February 10 – 14 that goes slightly over our $50-for-two price point but looks like a great bargain.  Get Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie to share, two salads of your choice, two entrees of your choice with sides, and a slice of Cheesecake to share for dessert.

Pricing varies by location, but typical prices are about $27 – $32 per person.  The higher amount is if you upgrade to a 6 oz. Filet Mignon as your entree.  The less expensive options are an 8 oz. Sirloin Steak, Grilled Salmon, or Alice Springs Chicken.

You can get the Valentine’s Four Course Feast for dine-in, takeout or delivery.  For more details visit the Outback website.

10. Red Lobster Lobsterfest

Red Lobster says they will be serving from their regular menu – plus their seasonal Lobsterfest menu – on Valentine’s Day.  This means you can get dinners starting at well under $25 per person.

Red Lobster’s Lobsterfest menu and typical prices* features:

  • Kung Pao Noodles with Fried Lobster – Hand-battered, fried lobster tail with noodles tossed in a sweet and spicy soy-ginger sauce with edamame, cabbage, crispy onions, cashews, and green onions. $21.
  • Lobster Linguini – Maine lobster meat tossed with tomatoes and linguini in a creamy lobster sauce. $25.
  • Bar Harbor Lobster Bake – Petite Maine lobster tails, split and roasted, with shrimp, bay scallops, mussels and fresh tomatoes. Served over linguini in a garlic and white wine broth. $28
  • Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon – A Maine lobster tail, grilled jumbo shrimp skewer and Atlantic salmon, drizzled with brown butter. Served with choice of two sides. $28
  • Lobster Lover’s Dream – A roasted rock lobster tail, butter-poached Maine lobster tail and lobster-and-shrimp linguini in a creamy lobster sauce. Served with choice of two sides. $36.
  • Ultimate Surf and Turf – A 6 oz. filet mignon, butter-poached Maine lobster tail and bacon-wrapped sea scallops. Served with choice of two sides. $36

To get more details on the Lobsterfest celebration, click here for the Red Lobster website.

*Prices shown are typical prices; prices at your location may vary.

11. Shoney’s Two for $24.99

Shoney’s has a Valentine’s Day menu for two for $24.99 available from February 12 – 14.

You can both choose from Chicken Alfredo, Sirloin Steak, or Seafood Bar entrees, and then you’ll get a Hot Fudge Cake to share for dessert.  For more details visit the Shoney website.

Shoneys serves Southern style breakfast, lunch and dinner at its 200+ locations.

More Valentine’s Day Dinner Bargains

If you want to try something non-traditional, check out these Valentine’s dinner bargains at Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Waffle House and White Castle.

Olive Garden Takeout for Two for $35.99

Olive Garden is offering a Valentine’s Dinner for 2 for $35.99 available for pickup between February 12 – 14.  You’ll get 2 soups or salads, breadsticks and dipping sauce, an extra large Five Cheese Ziti al Forno or Chicken Alfredo+ to share, and a Black Tie Mousse Cake or Tiramisu to share for dessert.

For more details or to start an order visit the Olive Garden website.

Olive Garden serves traditional Italian-American food at its 800+ locations.

Valentine’s Take-and-Cook

If you’re okay with cooking at home, you can create a fine dining experience with the $50 take-and-cook Valentine’s meal for two from Fresh Market.

With the Valentine’s dinner package from Fresh Market – which has 159 locations in 29 states – you get two fine dining entrees like Filet Mignon and Chilean Sea Bass, plus two sides, dessert and one dozen roses.

For the complete menu visit: Fresh Market Valentine’s Menu

You can also create your own Valentine’s dinner package by ordering from Whole Foods.  Whole Foods – which has 500 locations in the U.S. – is offering ideas and recipes for special Valentine’s meals. For details visit: Whole Foods Valentine’s Meal Ideas

Whole Foods is also offering three online cook-along events at: Whole Foods Cookalongs for Valentine’s

Waffle House Valentine’s Dinner 

Waffle House will have their 13th annual Valentine’s Dinner this year, featuring tablecloths and candlelit booths.  Visit Waffle House Valentines Dinner for a list of participating locations and more details.

White Castle Valentine’s Dinner

White Castle is planning their 29th annual Valentine’s Dinner, where participating locations will turn their parking lots into “Slider Lovers Point” with drive-in dinner service.  Reservations are required.  Visit this White Castle Valentine’s website to find the White Castle nearest you and to reserve your spot.

More Valentine’s Dinner Deals

EatDrinkDeals has a roundup of all the Valentine’s Deals from the national chains – more than 40 –  at:  EatDrinkDeals 2021 Valentine’s Day Deals

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