Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices

Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

Maybe you’re craving a slice of cheesecake. Maybe you’re looking for a classy restaurant with an expansive menu to host your next brunch or lunch date. Or maybe you’re simply ready to chow down on a combination of classic and innovative appetizers. Whatever your taste buds are in the mood for, the Cheesecake Factory menu has an appetizer, entrée, drink, or luscious dessert for you.

Scroll through or search the table below to see prices for the Cheesecake Factory menu. Then it’s time to start thinking about which cheesecake to try first!

Cheesecake Factory Deals

  • If you bought Cheesecake Factory gift cards around the 2022 holidays, don’t forget to redeem your $15 Bonus eCards! The Cheesecake Factory offered a $15 Bonus eCard with every $50 gift card purchased as part of their 2022 holiday gift card deal. Since Bonus eCards are redeemable until February 28, 2023, now’s the time to treat yourself to a slice!
  • If you want to enjoy Cheesecake Factory food at a great price, check out Happy Hour at the Cheesecake Factory. Most locations offer appetizers and small plates starting at about $6 from 4 – 6 PM on weekdays in the restaurant’s bar area. For more details on Happy Hour, brunch, and current coupons at the Cheesecake Factory, check out our story on Cheesecake Factory Coupons & Happy Hour Deals.

Cheesecake Factory Menu & Prices

Disclaimer: Menu and prices listed above are based on research of sample locations and are provided for informational purposes only. Since prices and availability may vary by location, please consult your local Cheesecake Factory menu for the latest details.

The Cheesecake Factory Menu

The Cheesecake Factory’s regular menu has something for everyone, from their famous lineup of cheesecakes and desserts to pasta, burgers, steak, seafood and more.  They also serve lunch specialsSunday brunch and a “Skinnylicious” menu with lighter fare.

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