Dairy Queen App Review

As technology continues to develop, we see it become manifested into elements of everyday life. Restaurants have adapted to these changes by creating mobile apps to ease the ordering process and reward their loyal customers.  At EatDrinkDeals, we are committed to helping our users find the best restaurant apps to save money. Today, we are reviewing the Dairy Queen app and their unique rewards program.

To download the app on your iPhone, click here or download the Android app here.

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Convenience and Reliability

When you open the app for the first time, you will be greeted with information about the perks of the DQ App. The last slide will ask you to enable notifications that will grant you exclusive access to deals and promotions at participating locations. You will then be prompted to sign up or login if you already have an account. Once you enter the required information, you are all set! To order from Dairy Queen locations near you, simply enable location tracking or enter your preferred location when placing an order. Some locations may not support mobile ordering, so be sure to confirm ahead of time. When finishing your order, you will have to pay with a card, regardless of whether you will be picking up your order in-store or curbside.

Dairy Queen also has a comprehensive nutritional overview of all menu items that you can access easily via the app. Simply click the sidebar menu and click “Menu & Nutrition.” To access the nutritional information, click the link on the top right of your screen. This easily accessible information can be useful if you plan on tracking the macros of your meal.

Dairy Queen app Screenshot

Dairy Queen Mobile App Menu


All Dairy Queen account holders are eligible to earn points and rewards. One point is awarded per $0.10 purchase and points are rounded to the nearest 10. For example, spending $2.91 would award you 29 points while spending $2.95 would earn you 30 points.  You can redeem your points for all sorts of freebies at participating locations. Prizes associated with point totals include:

  • 150 Points: Free Regular Fries or Onion Rings
  • 200 Points: Free Small Regular or Dipped Cone; Free Soft Pretzels and Zesty Queso
  • 250 Points: Free Mini Blizzard Treat
  • 300 Points: Free Small Shake, Malt, or Misty Treat
  • 500 Points: Free Any Size Blizzard Treat; Free 6 pc. Rotisserie-Style Chicken Bites Basket
  • 2,500 Points: Free 8” or 10” DQ or Blizzard Cake (only in-store)

You can earn points in-store or online. In the “Points” tab on the bottom of your screen, there is a unique barcode that you can have scanned to have the points from your in-store purchase be applied to your account. When ordering through the app, the points will automatically be applied to your account. Some locations may not participate in the rewards program so be sure to confirm before placing an order. You can easily check by selecting the location in the app and looking at their individual offerings under the “Services” sub-heading.

Dairy Queen app screenshot

Dairy Queen Rewards

Dairy Queen app holders also gain access to selected deals. After clicking on the “Points” tab, select “View My Deals.” This will open a list of all your deals and rewards.

Is the Dairy Queen App Worth It?


The Dairy Queen app is designed very well. The app is not overwhelming, and the information is organized very well. It can be difficult to find nutritional information at many restaurant chains, especially in their apps. Dairy Queen, positively, is an exception to this and should be applauded for their transparency. Finding locations to order from is also easy and the “Services” subheading can be very useful. Certain Dairy Queen locations only offer certain amenities (Treats only, only indoor seating, etc.) and this is useful information to have before ordering or making a trip. The only downside is that some locations may not offer rewards points or mobile ordering, but as the business continues to expand, accessibility issues will diminish.

The rewards program is very straightforward. The rewards milestones include many popular Dairy Queen items and while it may seem a bit tedious ($15 spent for free fries), the points program is a nice incentive to have when making Dairy Queen purchases. Not to mention you also get access to exclusive offers just for being an account holder! The Dairy Queen app is a solid addition to your phone, regardless of whether you are a routine Blizzard enthusiast or just a once-in-a-while treat type of person.


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