Marco’s Pizza Promo Codes And Specials: $5.99 Pizzolis, $5 Off

Marco’s Pizza has some new Pizzolis on the menu, and you can get one for $5.99 for a limited time with promo code PIZZOLI. It’s kinda like a calzone or stromboli, or even a sandwich wrap with pizza dough. Choose from Pepperoni, Buffalo Chicken, Pepperoni & Sausage or Chicken Bacon Ranch. You’ll get a marinara or ranch dipping sauce to go with it.

We spotted the promo code on the Marco’s homepage.

Marco's Pizzolis

Image courtesy of Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza also has promo codes for deals available every day like $6.99 Medium Pizzas and $3 off Specialty Pizzas.

Marco’s Pizza Promo Codes

Marco’s Pizza has a great carryout deal available every day with $9.99 Large 1-Topping Magnifico Pizzas.  It’s only $10 so don’t feel like you need to share it with anyone else. Just get them a pizza of their own! The special is for carryout orders only.

Marco’s Pizza has more deals available every day including a $9.99 Large Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza and $3 off specialty pizzas, and these can be used for delivery orders. Use these Marco’s Pizza promo codes to save money on pizza night!

  • HHMAG – Hot Honey Magnifico for $10.99
  • SPECIAL3 – $3 off large specialty pizzas
  • TENBW7 – 10 pc Boneless Wings for $7.99
  • HD189 – Two Medium 1-Topping Pizzas, Cheezybread and 2 Liter Soda for $21.99

Start your order at:  Marco’s Pizza Orders

As you get your order together you should see a Sub-Total on the top right of the screen keeping tabs.  When you’re done gathering all your goodies, hit the Checkout button. Enter your phone number and address (if you’re ordering delivery) and next you’ll go to the Order Details screen. There will be a spot to enter a Coupon Codes. One of the best things about Marco’s Pizza is that you can stack coupons. So, you don’t have to crunch the numbers and find the best promo code for your order. Just enter them all in and watch that price total drop!

Old World Sausage and Ultimate Magnifico Pizzas

Marco’s has long had a popular Old World Pepperoni with a thicker, heartier flavor. They’ve taken the next step with the introduction of Old World Sausage, with crispy, curled edges along each slice and just a bit of kick. It’s featured on two new pizzas – the Sausage Magnifico and the Ultimate Magnifico. The Sausage Magnifico is topped with both the new Old World Sausage, plus the old (New World?) style for a double sausage pie. The Ultimate Magnifico takes that to the next level and adds the Old World Pepperoni and classic style pepperoni as well. That’s basically entering Meat Lover’s territory. The Magnificos start at $9.99 if you want to grab one. Marco’s sent this press release with the news. 

Local Marco’s Pizza Deals

There’s a lot of other specials available at most Marco’s Pizzas, but they vary by location. Many will offer specific deals like a Large Pizza, Cheezybread and Soda for $17.99, or generic ones like $7.99 Medium 1 Topping Pizzas. To find the best Marco’s Pizza offer for you, go to the Marco’s Pizza website and click “Start Order” at the top right. When you’ve selected your spot, the menu screen will come up. Go to the Hot Deals section to see what’s on tap.

25% Off With The Marco’s App

Download the Marco’s Pizza app and you’ll get 25% off the menu price of your first order. Marco’s has the details up on its website.

More Pizza Coupons

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Previous Marco’s Promo Codes

Here are some older Marco’s promo codes that can give you some flavor about the types of sales that they offer:

Marco’s Promo Code Description
LD30 30% off menu price of pizzas – EXPIRED
30OFFMP 30% off menu price of pizzas – EXPIRED
STAR23 30% off menu price of pizzas – EXPIRED
FD23 30% off menu price of pizzas – EXPIRED
899TOGO $8.99 Large Pizzas for Carryout – EXPIRED

Marco’s Pizza Cauliflower Crust

For the pizza lovers that want some more veggie in their diet, Marco’s Pizza now offers Cauliflower Crust on any Small Pizza. It’s $2 more in most locations. The crust is gluten-free. To get it, on the Menu section go to the Build Your Own Pizza. Make sure you’ve got the size listed as Small (on the left hand side of the screen). In the Crust, Sauce and Cheese part, you can go to Crust Styles and select the special Cauliflower Crust.

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