Chuck E Cheese Coupons & Specials: Free 30 Minutes Of Games

This spring, get 30 minutes of All You Can Play games when you buy 60 minutes or more Monday – Friday at Chuck E. Cheese. All You Can Play typically is about $20 an hour, depending on your location. And the extra 30 minutes means more tickets and more prizes! Chuck E. Cheese has the details on its website.

Chuck E. Cheese Local Deals

Chuck E. Cheese has local deals on family fun packs and pizza.  To view the Chuck E. Cheese deals for your location, select your location HERE then click Begin Order.

You can also follow Chuck E Cheese promotions on Facebook and on Twitter.
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500 Tickets For Free From Chuck E. Cheese

Download the Chuck E. Cheese app and get 500 E-Tickets for free for your trouble! You can download it here and get a head start on that top shelf prize you’ve been eyeing.

More Pizza Coupons

For more deals like this including coupons and promo codes from Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Chuck E. Cheese and more pizza places, see the EatDrinkDeals Pizza Coupons page.

What’s On The Chuck E. Cheese Menu?

While its primary focus is pizza, Chuck E. Cheese’s also has sandwiches, buffalo wings, salad bars and desserts. Some Chuck E. Cheese’s locations also offer beer and wine.

Where Is A Chuck E Cheese Near Me and What Are Their Hours?

There are about 600 Chuck E Cheese pizza restaurants, making them one of the biggest pizza chains in the United States as of 2020.  Looking for one near you?  Click here to find a location near you – you need to start an order to find the closest one. Most locations open at 10 AM, and usually close around 9 pm.  Some stay open later.

Does Chuck E. Cheese Offer Delivery?

Chuck E. Cheese does offer delivery through its virtual brand, Pasqually’s.  They partner up with third parties like DoorDash to get the grub to your door.  Your delivery fee on a typical order will be $5 – $6.  Sometimes, we’ll find a free delivery deal or promotional code.  We’ll be sure to post them here when we do.  For delivery online orders, click here.  You can order delivery in the mobile app, too.

How Can I Buy Chuck E. Cheese Gift Cards?

A Chuck E Cheese gift card is always a popular item for online shopping.  Looking for one?  Visit the Chuck E Cheese official website here and add one to your shopping cart.  Sometimes, there are Chuck E. Cheese coupons that give you great discounts on a gift card purchase.  The special offer usually comes around during the springtime and holiday season, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Gift cards have no cash value, but don’t have an expiration date generally.

Does Chuck E. Cheese Offer Other Coupons and Promo Codes?

Sometimes we’ll come across other Chuck E Cheese promo codes and printable coupons, but unfortunately they are often only available for specific locations or areas. You may see a Chuck E. Cheese pizza promo code with a long string of letters and numbers like “ZTI53789” that won’t always work when placing your order.

At EatDrinkDeals, our policy is to only publish Chuck E. Cheese pizza coupon codes that are widely available to avoid disappointing our users. When Chuck E Cheese coupons or promo codes are nationally available and from verifiable sources, we will post them here, so you only pay the best price for your favorite food!  As we mentioned above, though, you don’t need a Chuck E Cheese promo code to get a great deal.

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