Rita’s Italian Ice Specials: Free Ice

Get a free Italian Ice on your birthday when you sign up for Rita’s Rewards. You’ll also get a free Ice every 8th visit. Loyalty Rewards are good for 6 months usually, except the Birthday Reward which only lasts for 6 days. For more details visit the Rita’s Rewards page.

Free Italian Ice On First Day Of Spring At Rita’s

Rita’s Italian Ice announced their Free Italian Ice Day for 2023 will be held on March 20! 

Rita’s normally celebrates the first day of spring every year with a free Italian Ice for every customer. Rita’s gives away more than 1 million free servings on the first day of spring every year. This year, the all new Gummy Bear flavor will make its debut, and you can get it or any other flavor for free. Happy Spring!

About Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice is a chain of frozen dessert shops founded in 1984 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Italian ice, a frozen treat made from ice, fruit juice, and sugar, makes up the bulk of its offerings. Rita’s has over 600 locations across 30 states in the United States, as well as international locations in China and the Philippines. Drop by for a sweet treat to cool off on a warm day, or even a cold day because it’s that good!

Rita’s Italian Ice offers a variety of Italian ice flavors. The chain also offers other frozen desserts like custard, gelati (a combination of Italian ice and custard), and cream ice (a creamier version of Italian ice).

Some of the most popular flavors include:

  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cotton Candy
  • Watermelon
  • Wild Black Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Chocolate

In addition to the classic flavors, Rita’s Italian Ice also offers seasonal flavors and limited-time offerings to keep things fresh and interesting. Some examples of these flavors include pumpkin pie, peppermint, and apple cider.

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