Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu & Deals

The Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu is here, with the Golden Caffe Latte as the headliner. The full lineup goes like this:

  • Espresso: Savor the complexity of a single shot of Espresso Forté, with its initial hazelnut notes giving way to caramel and a hint of citrus zest. Basic but effective.
  • Traditional Cappuccino: A balance of espresso and milk in a classic cappuccino, featuring a single shot of Espresso Forté topped with velvety microfoam in 6 ounce serving.
  • Caffè Macchiato: Combining a concentrated ristretto with just a touch of frothy steamed milk.
  • Golden Caffè Latte: A blend of Espresso Forté, steamed milk, and a turmeric, honey, and ginger-infused syrup.
  • Caffè Cortado: Borrowing from Spanish tradition, the “Cortado,” meaning “cut,” features a bold espresso shot “cut” with an equal part of smooth steamed milk.
  • Bacon, Spinach & Swiss Frittata: Cage-free eggs, Greek yogurt, cream, Swiss cheese, spinach, cured bacon, and sweet onion jam.
  • Egg White, Tomato & Feta Frittata: Made with egg whites, nonfat yogurt, a hint of cream, feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, and kale, crafted without wheat.

Additionally, the Winter Menu welcomes back a fan favorite, the Ethiopian Super Natural. Rejoice!

Peet's Coffee Winter Menu

Holiday Menu

Here was the Holidays 2023 Menu from Peet’s Coffee:

  • The Iced Peppermint Mocha Black Tie blends Peet’s Cold Brew with peppermint and pairs it with house-made chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk, then tops it with some half and half.
  • The Holiday Spice Latte has Espresso Forte, freshly steamed milk, and a special Holiday Spice syrup, topped with a dusting of baking spice. You can get it in hot or iced form.
  • The Peppermint Mocha is a holiday classic. This has Espresso Forte with a house-made chocolate sauce and peppermint, topped with whipped cream. You can get this one hot or iced, too.
  • Gingerbread: A pillowy-soft gingerbread filled with holiday spices and decorated with glazed icing.
  • Chicken & Waffles Sandwich: Chicken sausage, bacon, and a sweet & spiced spread, sandwiched between two maple waffles and toasted gouda cheese.

Peet’s Spring Menu

Peet’s Coffee Spring Menu is out! Here’s the lineup:

  • Lavender Vanilla Almond Latte
  • Lavender Cold Brew Oat Latte
  • Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte -previously a hot off-menu request from fans in the know
  • Plant-Based Mediterranean Flatbread
  • Peet’s Everything Plant-Based Sandwich

See the complete menu at:  Peet’s Coffee Bar Menu.  Peet’s has about 240 Coffee & Tea bars in the U.S.  Find one near you at: Peet’s Coffee Locations

Peetnik Rewards – Free Beverage

Get points towards a free drink when you sign up for the Peetnik Rewards program and make your first purchase.  Also get a birthday gift every year, and get points for every dollar you spend.

For more details or to enroll, visit:  Peetnik Rewards

About Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee was founded in 1966 in Berkeley, California. The company has about 200 locations in the U.S., mostly on the West Coast and in the Northeast. They also ship their specialty coffees and other goodies worldwide.

Peet’s Coffee’s menu features a variety of coffee and tea drinks, including espresso, drip coffee, cold brew, and lattes. The chain also offers a selection of baked goods, such as pastries, muffins, and cookies, as well as breakfast sandwiches and other food items. Peet’s Coffee sources its coffee beans from around the world and roasts them in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. The company use ethical sourcing methods and works with coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods and promote sustainable farming practices.

Some of their most popular coffee flavors include:

  1. Peet’s Coffee: Peet’s Coffee’s signature coffee is a dark roast blend that is bold and rich in flavor.
  2. Espresso: Peet’s espresso is made with high-quality beans and has a rich, full-bodied flavor.
  3. Latte: Peet’s latte is made with espresso and steamed milk, and can be customized with a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, caramel, or mocha.
  4. Cold Brew: Peet’s cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12-16 hours, resulting in a smooth and less acidic flavor.
  5. Nitro Cold Brew: Peet’s nitro cold brew is a cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen gas, giving it a creamy texture and a frothy head.
  6. Tea: Peet’s offers a variety of high-quality teas, including black tea, green tea, and herbal tea.
  7. Chai Latte: Peet’s chai latte is made with a blend of black tea, spices, and steamed milk, and can be customized with a variety of flavors, such as vanilla or honey.

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