Sonic Coupons And Specials: $3.99 Combo, 2 For $7 Menu

Sonic has a 2 for $ Menu, a $3.99 Grilled Cheese Double Burger deal, an Under $2 and $3 Menu, 1/2 price and slushes during , and 1/2 price cheeseburgers on Tuesdays.

2 For $7 Menu At Sonic

Check out the 2 for $7 Menu at Sonic with the Crispy Sandwich, 6 piece Mozzarella Sticks and the Sonic Cheeseburger! Mix and match any two of those favorites for $7. Sonic posted the news online.

Sonic 2 for $7 Menu

Sonic also has a $3.99 Grilled Cheese Double Burger deal, an Under $2 and $3 Menu, 1/2 price drinks and slushes during Happy Hour, and 1/2 price cheeseburgers on Tuesdays.

$3.99 Bacon Peppercorn Ranch Grilled Cheese Burger Deal

For a limited time, you can get the new Bacon Peppercorn Ranch Grilled Cheese Burger with Small Tots or for just $3.99 at Sonic. The burger comes with an all-beef seasoned patty, hickory smoked bacon and a creamy Peppercorn Ranch dressing, layered between melted American Cheese and Texas Toast. That's a nice little meal for just a few bucks. You can find the special front and center on Sonic's homepage right now!

Sonic $3.99 Combo Deal

Image courtesy of Sonic

New Sonic Griller Cheeseburger

SONIC just released their brand new Griller Cheeseburger. It features a 100% beef char-grill glazed patty, two slices of American cheese, hickory smoked bacon, the SONIC Comeback Sauce, chopped lettuce, and tomatoes, all on a toasted bakery bun. You can get it a la carte or as part of a combo through June 25. In our testing, we found the SONIC Griller to be roughly $5.69 but prices will vary by location.

Pair the SONIC Griller with the new Red Bull Edition Juneberry Slush! As part of SONIC's partnership with Red Bull, the chain has been releasing Red Bull Slushes every summer for the past 5 years. You can only get them for half off when you order through the app!

Sonic's Under $2 And $3 Craves Menu

The Under $2 menu – called Under $2 and Under $3 Craves – consists of these items:

  • Under $2 Craves
    • Jr. Cheeseburger for $1.99
    • Fritos Chili Cheese Jr Wrap for $1.49
    • Oreo Cookie and Chocolate Mini Sundae or a Snickers Mini Sundae for $1.99
  • Under $3 Craves
    • Chili Cheese Coney
    • Chicken Slinger
    • Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger

Sonic has the Craves Menu details on the Deals page.

Sonic's Under $2 Craves Menu

Image from the Sonic website

What Are Sonic's Happy Hour Deals?

Get 1/2 off drinks and slushes during the Sonic Afternoon Happy Hour special from 2 – 4 pm.

The half-price happy hour special is good on soft drinks, iced teas, regular or frozen lemonades and limeades, Ocean Water and Slushes.

You can also get these deals all the time by ordering with the app.

+Happy Hour: For a limited time only at participating locations. Offer includes Soft Drinks, Iced Teas, regular Lemonades and Limeades, Frozen Lemonades and Limeades, Ocean Water®, and Famous, Real Fruit and Candy Slushes. Add-Ins cost extra. 

For more details visit the Sonic Deals page.

All Day Happy Hour On The App

Sonic announced that their popular Happy Hour promotion is all day long for a limited time when you order with the app.  For Happy Hour, customers can get drinks and slushes for 1/2 off the regular menu price.

Sonic announced the extended Happy Hour on the Sonic App Page.

Click here to download the Sonic app for your mobile device.

*Get ½ Price Drinks and Slushes Every Time You Order Ahead in the SONIC® App. Includes Soft Drinks, Iced Teas, regular Lemonades and Limeades, Frozen Lemonades and Limeades, Ocean Water® and Famous, Real Fruit and Candy Slushes. Add-Ins cost extra. Excludes Mini size, Slushes, Combos, Wacky Pack® Kids Meals and other offers. Discount based on menu price. Order Ahead available only at select locations. Offer good for a limited time only at participating SONIC® Drive-Ins.

Sonic Has 1/2 Price Cheeseburgers Tuesday After 5 PM

Have some fun with your crew and enjoy 1/2 price burgers every Tuesday at Sonic after 5 pm!  Due to recent supply constraints, you'll have to use the Sonic app to get the deal starting on May 19.  The discount will be automatically applied.  Sonic announced the Family Night special on their Facebook page and on their website.  Don't have the app yet?  Click here to download the Sonic app for your mobile device.

Want other great Tuesday deals at other restaurants?  Click here to visit our EatDrinkDeals Tuesday Daily Deals page!

* 1/2 Price Cheeseburgers: Get a ½ price SONIC Cheeseburger on Tuesdays after 5pm. Includes single-patty SONIC® Cheeseburgers only; excludes double-patty Cheeseburgers, limited-time-only Cheeseburgers, Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburgers and Jr. Burgers. Offer valid only while supplies last. Discount based on menu price. Order Ahead available only at select locations. Add-Ons cost extra. Not good with Combos, or any other offers. Only at participating locations.

What's On The Sonic Menu?

The menu consists of hamburgers and fries, as well as onion rings, corn dogs, chili dogs and toaster . It's kind of like if you could get all the food from a fair or stadium and roll it into a drive-in and drive-thru restaurant.  That's good!  There's lots of Sonic drinks options like soft drinks, slushes, and . Customers can combine various drinks and flavors to create thousands of possible drink combinations. Ice cream desserts include sundaes and floats.

Does Sonic Offer Coupons?

The Sonic app also has exclusive mobile coupons and deals available for extra savings and chances at free food.  When you download the mobile app, you'll get your VIP access to the best deals.  To sign up, visit the Sonic app page here.

Once every few weeks, Sonic will have a great deal mid-week (typically on Thursdays) like a half price Coney hot dog, or $0.99 Chili Cheese Tots. For an amazing discount like that, you want to jump on it.  When we spot a great deal, we post it here in this article.  Also, when we spot a Sonic promo code or Sonic coupon codes, we'll be sure to post them here!

Here are some previous promo codes and coupons, to give you an idea of what kinds of deals you can find:

Sonic Promo Code Description
DELISH $1.99 Coney – EXPIRED
TASTY $1.49 Popcorn Chicken – EXPIRED
HOTDOG $1.99 Footlong Coney Hot Dogs – EXPIRED
CHILI $1.29 Chili Cheese Coney Hot Dogs – EXPIRED
ALOHA $0.79 Medium Slushes – EXPIRED

Is There A Sonic Near Me?

Sonic Drive-In has approximately 3,500 locations in the United States.  It's one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world.  They were founded in Oklahoma and have their headquarters in Oklahoma City.  They're just about everywhere, though.  You can find the nearest Sonic location near you at the Sonic website here.

What Are Sonic's Hours?

Like most restaurants, Sonic is open for breakfast, but not until later.  Breakfast is from 8 or 9 am – 10:30 am, and and from 10:30 am – 10 pm every day, but times can vary. To find the hours, address and more details for your local Sonic restaurants, select your location from: Sonic Near Me

Does Sonic Have Delivery?

Sonic offers delivery orders through its third-party delivery partners like , Uber Eats, and .  Usually there is a delivery fee when ordering, but you can sometimes get free delivery during special promotions.  You'll need to have an account registration done before you complete an order.  To start a Sonic delivery order, visit:  Sonic Delivery

What Is Sonic's Nutrition Content?

Sonic lists food allergen and nutritional information in their online and app menus.  You can manage to make some smarter dietary choices, but if you're looking for food, you're not in the right place.  To view the nutritional content of any menu item, click here for the Sonic Nutrition page.

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