Au Bon Pain $1 Off

January 7, 2018        

Get $1 off an online order with this Au Bon Pain coupon code good now through Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

Use promo code  RISE  and get $1 off an order of $5 or more.  You must order online or use the Au Bon Pain app to get the discount.

Au Bon Pain Endless Mug

In other deals, get endless coffee refills with the Au Bon Pain Endless Coffee Mug now on sale for $199.

The mug entitles you to free hot coffee refills through the end of 2018.  To purchase your mug visit the Au Bon Pain Endless Mug page.  Good while supplies last.  Bruegger’s Bagels also has a bottomless mug for sale.

Terms of Endless Mug:  Endless Mugs are available for sale through 1/8/18, subject to supply. Endless Mug ownership is non-transferable and the mug can only be used by the owner. Endless Mug ownership entitles you to free refills, solely of hot coffee and tea, and only through 12/31/18. No refills of espresso drinks, lattes, iced. Refills require presentation of an Endless Mug by its owner at a register. No other vessels may be used. Refills may not exceed one per half hour. Refill at participating Au Bon Pain locations only. Some locations do not participate. Please see list of participating locations. The Endless Mug may not be returned after purchase, except where required by law. Au Bon Pain is not responsible for lost or stolen mugs and no refunds will be issued for damage, theft, loss or any other reason. Au Bon Pain reserves the right to end Endless Mug sales, membership or program at any time with a purchase price refund prorated by months remaining in the year. Purchase of the Endless Mug constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Au Bon Pain in Indianapolis (Jonathan Weiss /

Au Bon Email Club

Get a free Travel Mug when you join the Au Bon Pain email club.

CLICK HERE for more details and to join.  You’ll also receive special offers, promotions, and event information.

ABOUT AU BON PAIN (from Wikipedia)

Au Bon Pain (French pronunciation: ​[o bɔ̃ pɛ̃], meaning “at (or to) the Good Bread”) is an American fast-casual bakery and café chain headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

As of 2014, there were 243 cafés in the United States, including 135 company-owned locations and 108 franchise locations, along with many international locations in India and Thailand. Most of the locations in the Northeastern United States, Mid-Atlantic States, and Chicago Metropolitan Area are company-owned, while international locations, such as the locations featured in Macy’s and Walmart, are typically franchised. Detroit, Boston, New York City,  Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Chicago are all home to numerous Au Bon Pain locations. Many Au Bon Pain cafés have been established throughout the United States in numerous airports, train stations, shopping centers, hospitals, urban business districts in cities, and universities.

Au Bon Pain focuses on serving baked goods (focusing on fresh-baked bread, pastries, croissants, and bagels), tea, coffee and espresso beverages, breakfast foods (such as egg sandwiches), and lunch items such as soup, salads, and sandwiches. In recent years, the chain has undergone a brand identity upgrade that has incorporated new colors, design, and imagery. In 2014, Au Bon Pain hired Katherine See as Executive Chef.

In 2015, Au Bon Pain was ranked the healthiest United States chain restaurant by Grellin Grade. Au Bon Pain has also been recognized by Eat This, Not That for “an unrivaled standard of nutritional transparency”.

You can find the Au Bon Pain locations at the Au Bon Pain website.

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