Pizza Hut Coupons & Promo Codes: 30% Off, $5 Off

Try these Pizza Hut coupon codes valid for a limited time to save on your next order! Start an order here and try these out:

  • 30% off the Menu Price of Pizza- code NW 
    • Note that this one worked in about 2/3 of the locations that we tested
    • Also, note that at checkout, you might have to enter the code first and hit Apply, and you’ll get to a new screen where you’ll pick the pizza you want at 30% off
  • $5 an order of $25 or more – code CQ

Note that generally, these codes won’t work on other promotions like you’ll find in the Deals section.  These are only discounts off the regular menu price. We tested these codes in multiple locations around the U.S. They worked in about half of them. Sadly, most stores in big cities and other higher cost areas won’t allow the codes.

How Do I Use Pizza Hut Coupons?

When ordering online, get all the items that you want put together.  Then, at the Checkout screen, you’ll see a spot that asks “Have a coupon code?”  Click there, enter the promo code, then hit “Apply”.  It should look something like this after you’ve entered the code:

Pizza Hut Promo Code

Here’s how to use your Pizza Hut coupons – image from the Pizza Hut website.

Note that oftentimes the Pizza Hut coupons can’t be used on other deals and promotions.  They can only be applied to a regular full menu price.  So, for example, you probably can’t use a coupon code on a $6.99 Medium Pizza.

More Pizza Hut Coupons and Promo Codes

There are a ton of other Pizza Hut coupons and promo codes, but unfortunately they are often only available for specific locations or areas.  You may see coupon or a  promo code with a long character string like “ZTI53789” that won’t always work when placing your order.

At EatDrinkDeals, our policy is to only publish coupons that are widely available to avoid disappointing our users.  When Pizza Hut coupons or promo codes are nationally available and from verifiable sources, we will post them here, so you only pay the best price for your favorite food!

Here are some prior codes we’ve come across, to give you an idea of what to expect:

Pizza Hut Promo Code Description
PH50 50% off 2 Medium Pan Pizzas – EXPIRED
DV 20% off your order – EXPIRED
LE $13.99 Large Stuffed Crust Pizza – EXPIRED
PW 30% off your order – EXPIRED
DN Large Specialty Pizza for $13.99 – EXPIRED

To get the best Pizza Hut coupons and discount codes for your home location, your best bet is to enroll in Hut Rewards. You’ll be notified of local deals specific to your area.

Pizza Hut Promotions

Visit our Pizza Hut Specials and Deals page here to learn about limited-time promotions. They’ve always got something hot going on.

Pizza Hut Menu Prices

Looking to browse the menu and see the full offerings of the Hut? We’ve got the Pizza Hut Menu and Prices here.

How Can I Get Free Pizza Hut Pizza?

Pizza Hut has a new points-based rewards program called Hut Rewards.  Get two points for every one dollar spent on food, which can be applied toward free breadsticks, free boneless wings, free Cinnabon Rolls, and most importantly – free pizza.  You’ll get a free treat on your birthday, plus something free when you sign up.  That offer changes, but currently it’s a free Medium Pizza, which is nothing to sneeze at.

In our review, we rated the app an 8/10.  We found that Rewards points are earned at a decent clip, you can quickly locate the best deals for your neighborhood Huts, and you get a smooth experience from ordering to payment. You also get access to exclusive offers, which is always an added bonus! We’ll let you guess what you’ll find a lot of on the Pizza Hut menu.  If you guessed pizza… you’d be right.  Because that’s obvious.

This is the place for pizza lovers. You’ve got your standard pizzas, but there are some surprises, too.  Try the Stuffed Crust Pizza if you need more cheese in your life. With the sheer variety of delicious pizza available at Pizza Hut, you’re bound to find your favorite pizza.

Also, Pizza Hut has recently upped its game with its Wingstreet offerings of bone-in and boneless wings, tossed in one of a respectable variety of sauces.  They also have side dishes, like that P’Zone calzone type thingy on the menu and french fries at some locations (a great complement to wings!).  Pizza Hut has Pastas available, too.  Desserts include Hershey’s Cookies or Brownies, and Cinnamon Sticks.  And, did you know Pizza Hut does Cinnabon?  That’s right, you can get Cinnabon Mini Rolls too! They have such a wide selection of menu items, that you have to check out the full Pizza Hut menu on their website.

Where Can I Find Pizza Hut Locations?

There are over 16,000 Pizza Hut locations worldwide, with over 7,000 in the U.S.  Chances are you’ve got one near you, even within delivery distance if you don’t feel like leaving your place.  Where’s a Pizza Hut near you?

Click here to find one using the Pizza Hut store locator.

What Are Pizza Hut’s Hours?

Most Pizza Huts open around 11 am, just in time for the lunch crowd.  They don’t tend to stay open as late as other pizza places like Domino’s or Papa John’s, though.  They usually close around 10 or 11 pm.  A typical set of store hours is 11 am – 10 pm.

To find the hours for your Pizza Hut, click here to use the Pizza Hut store locator. 

Many Pizza Hut locations are focused on carryout and delivery orders.  However, there’s often at least a few tables for folks who want to plop right down and devour their doughy feast on the spot.  This is unusual for big pizza chains these days.  Trends have shifted to favor a focus away from dine-in customers.

How Much Does Pizza Hut Delivery Cost?

Pizza Hut offers a solid delivery service that you can rely on.  They don’t use third parties like Uber Eats or GrubHub; they’ve got their own drivers.  This tends to make for a better customer experience overall, in our opinion. The delivery fee varies depending on where you live, but it’s typically around $4.

To start a delivery order, click here and select “Order” on the type of food you want.

You can also place a delivery order through the Pizza Hut App.  Click here for the Pizza Hut App for iPhone and click here for Android.

Where Is Pizza Hut’s Nutritional Information?

Pizza Hut has a full set of nutritional and food allergen information on its website to help you meet your dietary needs.  To view the calorie counter, nutritional or allergen content, and ingredient information, click here for the Pizza Hut Nutrition portal.

They do offer Gluten Free crusts made with Udi’s Gluten Free Crust in about 1/3 of U.S. locations.  For more info on gluten-free, click here for the Pizza Hut gluten-free page.

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