Shipley Do-Nuts Free Donut on National Donut Day

Shipley Do-Nuts is offering a free glazed donut with the purchase of any item on National Donut Day – that’s Friday, June 7. This offer will be available from 5AM – 12PM while supplies last. You can get the deal in-store, or use promo code DONUTDAY24 if you’re ordering online.

Shipley Do-Nuts posted the offer on their Facebook page:

Shipley Do-Nuts Free Donut Day offer

About Shipley Donuts

The first Shipley opened in Houston in 1936 by none other than Lawrence Shipley Sr. Back then, you could buy a donut for just 5 cents! Since then, the franchise has diversified with over 300 locations across the South – and, as of 2018, Colorado. They also have over 60 donut varieties – though, the glazed is still the most popular flavor.

Shipley Do-Nuts is renowned for its wide variety of doughnuts, including classic glazed, filled, and cake doughnuts. In addition to doughnuts, the menu also features kolaches, a type of pastry filled with meats, cheeses, or fruits, and beignets. The company prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and maintaining the original recipes that have been popular for decades. Here are some of their top offerings:

  1. Glazed Do-Nuts: The classic glazed doughnut is a staple at Shipley’s, known for its light, fluffy texture and sweet glaze.
  2. Chocolate Iced Do-Nuts: These doughnuts are topped with a rich chocolate icing, making them a fan favorite.
  3. Filled Do-Nuts: Shipley’s offers a variety of filled doughnuts, including options with custard, fruit preserves (like strawberry and raspberry), and chocolate cream.
  4. Cake Do-Nuts: These denser doughnuts come in flavors such as plain, chocolate, and blueberry.
  5. Kolaches: A savory option, kolaches are pastries filled with ingredients like sausage, cheese, jalapeños, and ham. They are a popular breakfast item.
  6. Beignets: These French-style pastries are deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar, offering a taste of New Orleans.
  7. Cinnamon Sugar Do-Nuts: These are coated with a mix of cinnamon and sugar, providing a sweet and spicy flavor.
  8. Apple Fritters: A larger pastry made with chunks of apple and a sweet glaze, these are a hearty and satisfying choice.
  9. Bear Claws: These pastries are shaped like a bear’s paw and filled with almond paste, topped with sliced almonds and a sweet glaze.

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