Smoothie King App Review

As technology continues to develop, we see it become manifested into elements of everyday life. Restaurants have adapted to these changes by creating mobile apps to ease the ordering process and reward their loyal customers.  At EatDrinkDeals, we are committed to helping our users find the best restaurant apps to save money. Today, we are reviewing the Smoothie King app and their unique Healthy Rewards program.

To download the app on your iPhone click here or download the Android app here.

To find the latest information about Smoothie King offers and promotions, click here. Some of their popular deals include $5 Regular and $6 Meal Replacement 32 oz. Smoothies on Fridays.


Convenience and Reliability

While you can order without an account, you should sign up or login for a Smoothie King account to take advantage of their rewards program. When you are signing up, you will be asked to add a payment card. You can enter one to make your subsequent purchases more convenient, or you can add one later. Smoothie King will also ask you for your lifestyle preferences and goals to make your app experience more enjoyable. Be sure to select the boxes that are most applicable to you! In addition, the app will also ask to allow tracking to find location nearest you. You can always change your preferred location before ordering in the app. Furthermore, the app will also ask to enable push notifications. Agreeing to these will enable you to see when your order is ready in real time. You will also receive notifications on exclusive deals and promotions.

Smoothie King Mobile App Screenshot

Smoothie King Homepage


All Smoothie King account holders are eligible to participate in their Healthy Rewards program. Immediately after signing up, you will receive a $2 Welcome Reward giving you $2 off your next visit. This offer is valid for 60 days. The Smoothie King reward system is divided in two tiers: Healthy Rewards and Champion Status. Healthy Rewards Status members have 0-34,999 Purpose Points. These members receive 100 points per dollar spent and a $2 Healthy Reward with every 2,500 points earned. Members with Champion Status have over 35,000 Purpose Points and are automatically awarded a $2 Healthy Reward when they reach this rank. These members earn 125 points per dollar spent and will receive a $2 Reward for every 2,500 accumulated points. Champion Status members also receive a free 20 oz. birthday smoothie and are the first to know about novel products and promotions. Members automatically receive points when they order online or through the app. To earn points for in-store purchases, have an attendant scan your unique QR code which can be found by clicking “Scan to Pay, Earn, and Redeem” in the app. You can also have an employee scan your QR code to redeem your accumulated Purpose Points. This will occur automatically so be sure to toggle your reward to “Off” if you do not want the reward to be automatically applied to your purchase. To do this, simply click “Redeem Rewards” at the bottom of your screen and scroll up on your current rewards.


You can also earn rewards by sharing your unique code with friends. When you share this code, they will receive $2 to use at Smoothie King and you will receive a bonus reward as well.

Smoothie King Rewards can be stacked, but also expire, so be sure to use your Purpose Points wisely!

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Smoothie King Healthy Rewards

Is the Smoothie King App Worth It?


The Smoothie King app is a great asset to have on your phone. The overall app design is visually appealing, and the individual options can be customized to suit your preferences. The app does a great job at highlighting their significant offerings, but also provides easy access to more in-depth information through the sidebar menu and various links in the descriptions of their products and programs. The Healthy Rewards program provides active customers with the most bang-per-buck; casual customers will likely have to wait some time before reaching Champion Status. A 100 point per dollar spent seems to be a bit too lopsided of a ratio because a customer who comes in for a $5 regular smoothie will have to make 70 weeks of purchases, provided they save all their rewards and do not earn bonus points. This, indeed, is a bit of a hefty time frame, but nonetheless, little rewards are always better than none!

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