Restaurant Reopenings Commence Nationwide

We’re starting to see a ray of light after a horrible couple of months, folks.  We obviously aren’t close to being out of the woods yet, but in many areas of the country restaurants are slowly beginning to reopen their dining areas.  It’s not going to be the same as it was, maybe ever, but at least we’ll be able to indulge in the simple pleasure of sitting down for a meal in public.  Of course, this does mean you have to wear pants now.  Please keep that in mind.

EatDrinkDeals includes links to restaurant websites where you can confirm the restaurant reopening details and find further information.  However, note that while many of these chains are doing their best to reopen in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines in place to keep you safe, things can change quickly and all locations may not reopen all at once.

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Restaurant Reopenings Info


Applebee’s dining rooms are beginning to reopen.  For the list of locations available, click here for the Applebee’s website.  According to this statement on their website, safety measures like 6 foot distancing and one-time-use menus will be implemented to keep customers safe.

For more details on Applebee’s specials, click here to go to the EatDrinkDeals Applebee’s page.

Bonefish Grill

According to this Bonefish Grill announcement,  “Our dining rooms are starting to safely open at limited capacity and hours to comply with state and local regulations. Please be aware that due to social distancing guidelines, the number of guests seated per table may be restricted. View Restaurants currently available for Dine-in.”

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Burger King

Burger King has plans to have 50% of its dining rooms opened by Memorial Day.  Expect some tables to be closed off to maintain social distancing, plastic shields at the counter, and no more self-serve fountain drinks.

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Chick-fil-A has posted this updated on their website – they aren’t reopening the dining room yet but they’re working on it!In the coming weeks, you may see some of our restaurants open their doors for carry-out. Although we are not opening dining room seating or playgrounds just yet, Guests may notice changes inside our restaurants, including plexiglass partitions and hand sanitizer stations available for their use. Restaurants will provide contactless ordering and ask Guests to practice social distancing as they wait in line. Look for signage to help you navigate any operational changes within our restaurants.”

In the meantime, click here for our EatDrinkDeals Chick-Fil-A page to learn about their Family Bundles and other deals for drive-thru or curbside pickup.  Remember when you could dump your little maniac kids into the play area and get to eat your food quietly for 10 minutes?  We hope that comes back someday soon.


Chili’s has started reopening dining rooms where permitted in the following states:

  • 4/27:  GA
  • 5/1: TX, OK, UT, ND and SD
  • 5/4 MO and FL (except Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward Counties)
  • 5/6 KS
  • 5/7 MS (except Jackson and Madison counties)

You can click here for the most current information from the Chili’s website, and to find the operating hours for your location.

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Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese posted this statement online about their plans to reopen.  They are taking things slow and ensuring guest safety above all else. When restaurants reopen, expect some multiplayer games to be limited to one player, group events and parties will take place outside normal hours, and other modifications.  This is going to be a tough one because of the nature of the shared community of the arcade games.

In the meantime, click here for our EatDrinkDeals Chuck E. Cheese article with great takeout deals.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is beginning to reopen dining rooms in states where permitted.  Locations in GA and TN are starting to reopen as of early May, with more reopenings expected soon.  To check on your location, click here for the Cracker Barrel website.

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Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s are reopening with new safety protocols, including wipes to clean off games and tables, limits on the number of guests to allow for social distancing, masks and gloves for guests, and more.  Click here for the full rundown from the Dave & Buster’s website.

Once you’re allowed back to get your game on, click here to read up on specials on the EatDrinkDeals Dave & Buster’s page.


Denny’s has started to reopen its restaurants where allowed by state and local law.  Dining rooms will be more spread out, disposable menus are available upon request, condiments and other multi-touch items will be gone, and other adjustments to assure safety will be made.

Visit our EatDrinkDeals Denny’s page to learn more about deals like $5 off their Family Packs to save!

Dickey’s BBQ

Dickey’s has started to reopen TX locations at 25% capacity starting May 1.  For a complete list of open locations for dine-in, click here for the Dickey’s BBQ website.

For info on how to save $5 on your order and more specials, click here for our EatDrinkDeals Dickey’s BBQ page.


Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO penned this letter addressing Dunkin’s national safety measures and timing for reopening dining rooms.  Dunkin’ will allow franchisees to open dining rooms when allowed by state and local guidelines, and when they’re ready.  Drive-thru and takeout have been open in 90% of locations throughout this time.  Employees will have daily temperature checks, face mask and single use gloves will be worn by employees at all times, and you’ll see plexiglass guards at the front counter, among other things.

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Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao has reopened one location in GA, and is planning to reopen others in accordance with state and local guidelines.  Fogo de Chao posted this set of 12 Safety Promises to reassure customers of a safe dining experience when they return.  Measures include 6 feet of spacing between tables, disposable red/green medallions, salads prepared and served tableside, and more.

For other news and specials, click here to visit our EatDrinkDeals Fogo de Chao page.

Golden Corral

Golden Corral is going to reopen on a location by location basis – but it’s going to feel a lot different than before.  In order to adhere to health guidelines based on location, customers may see cafeteria style service with employees serving food, or family-style service with employees bringing helpings to your table.  Golden Corral posted the news on Facebook.


IHOP posted an update to their dining rooms on their website.  “We are taking certain actions to increase social distancing in our restaurants for the protection of our Team Members and guests. This means we’re reducing the number of Team Members working in the restaurant at any one time. To ensure we can meet the increased demand for carry-out and delivery for all our guests, we’re also limiting the variety of options offered.”

Menu options are limited, but check out our EatDrinkDeals IHOP page to learn about what’s available, like their Family Feasts with pancakes and more!

Logan’s Roadhouse

After closing all corporate locations back in March, Logan’s Roadhouse is opening back up for take-out, and dining rooms will be opened in accordance with state and local guidelines.  Logan’s posted the news about reopening on Facebook.

LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorns are starting to reopen in accordance with state and local regulations.  You can expect to see masks on every team member, reconfigured table seatings for social distancing, hand sanitzers in every lobby, and other measures to ensure the health of employees and diners.  LongHorn posted the changes on their website.

For info on their Family Meal Deals and other promotions, click here for our EatDrinkDeals LongHorn Steakhouse article.


The Golden Arches isn’t quite ready to reopen dining rooms yet.  They’re taking it slow, but did make a statement about what to expect when they do reopen.  Some tables will be blocked off to maintain social distancing.  The drink stations will be closed and refills will be handled by the staff.  The children’s play spaces will be closed, the cashiers will have protective barriers installed, and numerous other safety guidelines will be followed.

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Olive Garden

The CEO of Darden Restaurants, parent of Olive Garden, posted this statement online.  “Last week, we began to reopen our dining rooms and, as of today, more than 625 restaurants across 15 states are operating their dining rooms with limited capacity. This is an important first step as it gives us the opportunity to bring some furloughed team members back to work, while giving our guests the option to dine with us. Thank you to each of our team members who are working so hard to make this transition possible. As we navigate this next phase of our journey, we will continue to stay true to our approach.”

If you’re looking for Olive Garden coupons and deals to save on trips out, like their Buy One Get One Free Pasta deal, go to our EatDrinkDeals Olive Garden Deals page.

On the Border

On the Border has reopened 45 restaurants in GA, OK, SD, TN, and TX as of May 6.  Many of those restaurants have modified hours.  Here’s a press release from On the Border about the reopening.  To get current locations and their hours, click here for the On the Border website.

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Outback Steakhouse

Outback’s starting to reopen at a measured pace.  They posted an update recently on their website.  “Our dining rooms are starting to safely open at limited capacity to comply with state and local regulations. Visit the location page for your Outback to see hours information. Curbside Takeaway and delivery are also available. We’re happy to welcome you back and want to ensure the safety of your visit consistent with CDC recommendations. We have enhanced our already high sanitation standards to provide a safe environment for our guests and Outbackers.”

Pei Wei

Select Pei Wei locations are started to reopen in Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas on April 16.  They’ve not got other openings planned for May 7 and 11 in Minnesota, Texas and New Mexico.  Pei Wei posted the news on their Facebook page.  Click on that link and open the photos in the Facebook post to see which locations are open in your state.

P.F. Chang’s

Dining rooms are starting to reopen at P.F. Chang’s.  Per an update on their website, “We’re excited to reopen our dining rooms to you!  Our Team Members are ready to serve you, your friends and your family! Reservations are now being accepted at select dining rooms and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Red Lobster

Seafood heaven here we come!  According to an update on the Red Lobster website, “As states begin allowing us to re-open our dining rooms, we are implementing additional health and safety procedures that follow guidelines from the CDC and government mandates as well as recommendations by the National Restaurant Association. To see a list of restaurants currently open for dine-in, please CLICK HERE.”

Right now certain locations in about 20 states have opened their dining rooms.

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Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

All 97 of these restaurants have permanently closed.  Unfortunately, buffet restaurants are going to have a real tough time adjusting to the new reality.


Starbucks sent out this update about reopenings.  Starbucks has unfortunately gone through a lot of this already due to their heavy presence in China, so this isn’t their first rodeo.  “By the end of this week, Starbucks partners will have responsibly reopened over 85 percent our company operated stores across the U.S., and we are expecting more than 90 percent of our stores to be open by early June, under modified operations and hours.The foundation of our approach comes from what we have learned in China, where more than 98 percent of our stores are now open and operating under revised protocols. We have adapted these protocols for the U.S. and our goal is to exceed the standards outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a safe experience, including heightened emphasis on cleaning and sanitizing protocols in our stores.”

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Texas de Brazil

The popular Brazilian steakhouse is opening all restaurants in OK and TX, plus Memphis, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.  Texas de Brazil posted the good news on Facebook.

Go to the EatDrinkDeals Texas de Brazil page for info on other specials like Happy Hour that you can enjoy at the reopened restaurants!

Tijuana Flats

Tijuana Flats will open its dining rooms at 25% capacity and patio seating starting May 13.  Disposable containers for all food, even for dine-in, and other safety measures will be implemented – you can read the CEO’s letter here with the full update.

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Waffle House

Unbelievably, a lot of Waffle House locations closed for coronavirus.  And these things never close.  Crazy.  Well, they’re starting to open back up thankfully.  Select locations are open; click here to find the status of your location.

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